"As an online coach and owner of several businesses I have made websites before, they have served me & done the job to a degree. However, even with an artistic background that does not mean they were visually appealing. Although my websites functioned, and looked 'OK' they didn't 'WOW' me, they weren't easy to navigate & often clients would be confused & either 'ask for directions' or ask 'simple questions' they should have found on my website. The truth is, no matter how 'OK' your website is, even if it functions, it may never thrive without the touch of a professional who has studied & practiced the intricate in's & out's of how a website 'can' work. James took our entire website apart & single-handedly showed us what it could look like via video calls, screen-recordings & visuals that explained how it could function 10x more seamlessly than it did. He explained why it would be better & made an effort to communicate with us so we understood the process which I am really impressed with. I have worked with people before on websites/projects and often felt confused and in the dark. I definitely felt like James made the effort to understand my business, and that really matters to me as his customer. I would 100% recommend him & I am excited to work with him further. 5 STARS!"
- Hali @ Flow Motion Fitness


Websites for Fitness Professionals

I design and develop websites for fitness professionals to help them grow their client base and make more money doing work they love.



I help clients come up with ideas for their website, organise the content and create moodboards so that we can work together in creating something that works for them and their goals.

UI/UX Design

I create multiple wireframes and designs coupled with getting feedback from clients so that I can create something that is both beautiful and makes the experience easy and enjoyable for website users.

Web Development

After the design is finalised and approved, I move into Webflow and create everything as we planned and then add details such as animations, interactions and any other motion based ideas that we came up with in the concept stage.

Check Out My Portfolio

Flow Motion Fitness website mocked up on Mackbook pro and Iphone 11

Client Success Story

Flow Motion Fitness

I worked with Hali and Calum to redesign their website,
clean up their client journey and migrate their
online course to their website.

Here's what they said

Since Working Together

More website visitors

A new improved website meant that the experience was enjoyable for customers to explore their products and services.

Selling programs

Their programs hit the market and enjoyed huge success.

Easy to manage course

With their course on their website, they can now manage, add and improve it to their hearts content with no extra fees from hosting companies.

Websites can be frustrating and difficult to get right.

I get it, I see it all the time with my clients.

You make your own website on squarespace, wix or weebly.

You spend hours and hours on it, you're not sure what to pick or why you're choosing certain things.

After a few weeks, you upload it but you're not confident with it and because of that you don't promote it and it doesn't get you any new clients.

Then you think that websites aren't for you.

Trust me, you can have a website that makes
you money and helps you grow your business

James was very reactive and professional. Communication was easy and he managed to get my ideas onto paper.

I highly recommend his services. He's full of great ideas and found the best way to incorporate all the details I wanted into my website, keeping it user friendly.

He explained all the details perfectly, so down the line I can manage the website myself.

He exceeded all my expectations, I'm very happy and proud to show off my website!!

- Chloe Moore

Trusted by trainers who want to make the most out of their expertise.


Years of Experience


Projects Completed


Happy Clients

My Packages

Starter Package


This package is perfect for a new business or someone just reaching out into the online space.

It includes a 1 page responsive website (that means it works perfectly on phones, tablets and laptops) that will have everything you need to tell your clients about you, your services, prices and booking.

Font's will be licensed so you're 100% safe online regarding copyright.

We will approach your website strategy to make sure it's a good client journey so that it converts views into clients.

After the website is finished I'll show you how the client side editor works and how you can make adjustments to your website after so you aren't reliant on me!

One Page Webflow

Fonts +

Website Strategy

1 0n 1 Webflow

Signature Package


This is great for people who are taking their online business to the next level.

We will go over website strategy at length to make sure that your brand is represented exactly as you want through your website.

The website will be larger, pages more in depth but the navigation will stay clear and user friendly.

If there's any gaps in your content we will fill them with high quality stock photos with licenses so the quality of the website is consistent throughout.

Any photos you have I'll edit and adjust so that the style suits your brand and the website design we have decided on.

3-5 Page Webflow

Fonts +

Website Strategy

Stock Photo

Photo Editting

1 0n 1 Webflow

Enterprise Package


You're looking to build and expand a serious business here.

Obviously the planning and strategy will be intense, we will also plan to future proof the design and website so that even as you expand, your website can cope and grow with you.

You will need a solid e-commerce functionality to this website, custom product pages, categories and landing pages.

Email marketing will also play a part in this and we will integrate your provider into your design so you can get new signups from people who visit your website.

I'll assist in organising and advising on website copywriting. After so many years working in this industry I have a solid understanding on what sells and how to communicate to your clients.

I'll also touch up your logo (not redesign) so that its optimised for websites, it wont be an overhaul it will just be some gentle cleaning up so that it works on all devices.

Ecommerce Webflow

Logo Touch Up

Fonts +

Website Strategy

Stock Photo

Photo Editting


1 0n 1 Webflow

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the website?

That depends on the package and also how quick the correspondence is. Firstly, I'll be collecting the content, copywriting and assets from you so that I can determine how quickly the process begins. Once I have all the necessary information, I'll let you know the timeframe.

What do I need to provide?

Your logo, as many photos as possible preferably in high quality (in a dropbox or google drive document would be best), brand assets, copywriting and testimonials you will want to add.

How many revisions will there be?

I'll take all your content and guidance and create a design, then we will make tweaks throughout. There is a limit to the amount of revisions we will do but I won't leave you with a website you hate. Making the website personal to you is the most important.

Can you redesign an already made website?

I can. I'll take all the copywriting from it and organise it, then I'll ask you to send me the high resolution images that you used so we can get started. If you communicate what you didn't like about the previous website, I can use that information to design the new one.

What if I have a website already that's not on Webflow?

That's fine, I'll help you move over your domain name. I only design websites in Webflow as its the most freedom I have as a designer and also allows you (the client) to edit the website freely after I have made it, which means we both get a good experience!

Are the package prices fixed?

No. They're ideal starting points and give you a good idea of the investment. We can swap and change parts, if you have something very unique you want adding or taking away then let me know and we can adjust the price for you!

Whats the payment split?

I do a 35% - 65% split. 35% at the beginning of the website to start the project. and 65% right before I send the website over to you to finish.

Can I pay in a different currency?

Yes. Just get in touch and we can work out how you can pay in whatever currency you want! Even cryptocurrency if you are so inclined.

Is the hosting included in the price?

No. This is something I will lay out at the beginning of the process. After I have designed the website for you, you will need to buy your domain name (like I bought jamesbattye.com) and also your yearly hosting.

To give an example. Think of a website like a car, you're paying me to build you a fast car that works well, is reliable and does exactly what you need it to do, but you still have to pay for fuel and get your driving license.

How do I get a domain name for my website?

I'd recommend grabbing it from Godaddy. I'm not paid by them, I just use them as they are the easiest to understand and also it has a webflow integration that takes the technicality out of inputting it.

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